nVent PYROTENAX HDF/HDC Mineral Insulated (MI) Trace Heating Cables


Trace heating cables for frost protection and temperature maintenance up to 400°C

PYROTENAX HDF/HDC mineral insulated (MI) series resistance heating cables are used for frost protection and temperature maintenance of pipes and tanks / vessels with temperatures up to 400°C. The high nickel content provides excellent corrosion resistance, in particular when exposed to seawater environments.

  • Sheath material: cupro nickel
  • Continuous exposure temperature: 400°C

Key benefits:

  • Very robust
  • Also available in low resistances for long pipeline heating
  • Excellent resistance in seawater environments
  • Approved for use in hazardous areas
  • Fast track service for heating units

TraceCalc Pro design software for safe design, product selection and advanced control and monitoring products complete the PYROTENAX HDS/HDC trace heating system.

PYROTENAX MI heating cables are offered as bulk cable and as pre-terminated heating units. Pre-terminated MI heating units are factory tested and can be directly installed in the field.

Technical Specifications

Sheath material Cupro Nickel (70/30)
Construction Single conductor
Maximum power output 70 W/m (typical value, depending on the application)
Nominal voltage U 0 /U 300/500 Vac
Maximum continuous withstand temperature 400°C
Approved for use in
hazardous areas

For additional information, such as chemical resistance, refer to the product datasheet.

Connection and Protection