Alloy 825 with PyroFLX Cold Lead


nVent PYROTENAX mineral insulated (MI) heating cable with the PyroFLX cold lead option offers all of the long standing benefits of a metal sheathed, Alloy 825 MI heating cable, along with the added advantages of a flexible, easy-to-install cold lead section.

Installations of PyroFLX can be performed without excessive cold lead shaping and forming to minimize expensive on-site labor costs.


  • Flexible, easy-to install cold lead
  • Permits long runs of cold lead for at-grade power or series-cable connection points
  • Available with or without quick connectors
  • Ideally suited for modular facility construction
  • Reduces installation and maintenance cost
  • Field repairable without hot work permit
  • CSA approved for C1D2 and Zone 2 hazardous locations


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